Why the AP doesn’t know how many White House aides have been fired in the past month

The Associated Press is reporting that more than 30 White House staffers have been dismissed from their jobs in recent weeks, including at least seven White House staff members.The AP’s count, which was obtained by Fox News, indicates that the […]

Why it matters who wins the 2020 Democratic primary: A new look at the race

The 2018 Democratic primaries will be the first of a series of contests between 2020 candidates to be determined by a caucus.But the stakes are very different in 2020 from the 2018 midterms.The 2018 cycle was characterized by a wave […]

How to get the best deal on Facebook

The ABC’s social media definition test is designed to help businesses better understand their online marketing strategies and understand the types of media that people consume.Topics:consumer-protection,business-economics-and-finance,finance-and,consumer-fraud,advertising,business,advertising-and.coverage,digital-media,advertising

Australian public media report a dip in media coverage in 2018

The Australian public is reporting a decline in the amount of media coverage of their issues and events, according to a report from the Australian Public Media Association.“The impact of this year on the media landscape has been devastating,” said […]