Why are you reading Japanese on your Android TV?

Posted by The Next Media on January 18, 2018 07:19:24While most Android TV devices will display a standard Japanese TV channel, Google has launched the Jukin Media app to let Android TV users control it.

The app is available for free, but a few devices are only supported on Android TV 4.2 or newer.

Google’s solution is a little more sophisticated, with a user interface that allows the user to toggle between Japanese and English subtitles, and a search bar that shows the language’s full name and language version.

The navigation is also much cleaner, as the app’s default menu bar doesn’t have to scroll down or even open in a new tab.

Google has already launched the app on the Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5, but it also supports the LG G2, Galaxy S5 Active, and the HTC One M9.

A version for the LG V20 is in the works, but for now it’s only available in the U.S.

Google says that this is the first version of the app to support the new Google Now Launcher on Android TVs.

It’ll also work on any Android TV that supports it, and it’ll be available for both iOS and Android devices, including Google’s own Chromecast.

If you’re not already a subscriber, the Google Now app lets you set your location, manage your device, and access your music, videos, and more.