What you need to know about the FCC’s new net neutrality rules

As the Federal Communications Commission’s new rules kick in on October 1, here are some key takeaways from the draft order: The Federal Communications Commision (FCC) is expected to enact a series of new net-neutrality rules over the next several months. 

The FCC is expected to issue the final rules for the internet by October 31, 2018. The FCC’s proposed net neutrality rules would require ISPs to treat all data traffic equally.

Under the proposed rules, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) would be required to offer an equal level of access to all online content, regardless of the size of the customer’s internet connection. 

ISPs would be prohibited from blocking or throttling certain websites and applications or charging for preferential access to certain online content.

 Internet Service Provisions would be required to provide users with the same level of service as mobile broadband providers (broadband service providers).

 The proposed rules would also require ISPs to give their customers more choice about the types of internet content they access and what services they use.

Under the proposed rules , ISPs would have to make available an internet content-based pricing system that would allow consumers to purchase a plan that would include more services at lower prices, with the option to switch plans when they want to.

In addition, the proposed FCC rules would prohibit internet service providers from blocking, slowing, or degrading internet traffic.

The proposed rules also would require the FCC to evaluate the benefits and harms of net neutrality, and require the FCC to publish a report on the impacts of net-neutrality rules.

The final rules would also require the FCC to establish a commission on net neutrality.

If the Federal Communications Commissioner (FTC) is appointed by President Donald Trump, the commission would be led by former President Obama, a former Democratic President who joined the Democratic Congress in 2014. 

Chairman Ajit Pai is a Republican who was elected to the FCC in January 2018.

Chairman Pai is expected to lead the agency with federal resources in the coming months.

As the FCC moves to roll out the rules, we can look forward to the Chairman describing the new rules in more detail. 

In addition to the Internet Commission and the Federal Communications Agency, Chair Michael Powell and Vice Chairman Tim Berners-Lee are both nominated by Republican President Donald Trump.