Canada’s top media company pays $8M for exclusive TV rights to film and video game series

The Globe and Mail reports the Globe and Sunday’s The Wall Street Journal has obtained exclusive TV deals with Warner Bros. Television, Lionsgate and Sony Pictures Television for the series The Way of Kings.

The deal is worth an estimated $8 million per episode, a sum that includes all licensing, advertising, merchandising and promotion.

The Wall Street, citing sources familiar with the talks, reported the deal is the largest scripted series ever to be made by the Canadian media giant, and marks the largest single scripted series for any of the big three in the U.S. The Wall also reported that Lionsgate, Warner Bros., and Sony have the rights to the film, while the film studio has the rights for the TV series.

The Way of Kings follows the story of a boy named Darlene who is raised by her father and her grandfather, a man named Elroy.

After an accident leaves the boy crippled, his mother sends him to live with her uncle, who also suffers from a disability.

But as the film focuses on Darline’s relationship with her father, the boy finds his own father, a charismatic, charismatic young man named Boon who is also crippled.

The story is told through the eyes of these characters, and also the lives of the family’s friends and the other people in the town.

The first episode of the series is slated to premiere this fall on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s (CBC) national TV network.

It is set to be followed by two additional episodes later this year, with a third to follow in 2020.

The series is produced by Warner Bros, Lions Gate, and Sony, and is produced in conjunction with the Canadian Film Centre.

It will be produced in Canada by MediaLab.