Alaska’s public media faces a new set of challenges: new tools and strategies

Beasley Media Group is the new owners of the Alaska Public Media.

Its new ownership will make the company one of the first in the country to acquire a media property with a large market share.

It is the company’s first foray into media ownership, with its goal of creating a more robust and transparent business model. 

Alaska Public Media, the parent company of the Anchorage Public Radio, is one of several media organizations that will be acquired in the coming years by a private company or by a public institution, including the Alaska Legislature, the Anchorage School District and the University of Alaska Anchorage.

The Alaska Public Radio will become Beasley’s media division.

The group will continue to operate the Alaska Press, which will continue publishing The Anchorage Dispatch.

It will also be a partner in the Anchorage College of Journalism, which it acquired last year.

The Beacon is the Alaska Dispatch Network, the state’s largest independent local news network, which has been a critical player in the state for years.

Beacon Media Group, the company that acquired Beacon Media, plans to use Beacon’s existing assets to launch a new local news platform, Beacon News, that will offer a variety of news sources, including local TV, radio, online, and print.

Beacon News will also focus on news and information services, including a new mobile news app that will bring together Beacon and local news organizations in an ad-supported fashion.

The new Beacon News platform will launch in the second quarter of 2019, according to Beacon CEO Kevin Johnson.

Beacon currently operates a news platform in Alaska, which is owned by the state Department of Commerce, the Alaska Newspaper Association and the Alaska Broadcasting Company.

Beacon will be a joint venture between Beacon and Beacon Media.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Beacon Media to help shape Beacon News into a leading news source, community platform, and digital platform for the state of Alaska,” said Beacon CEO and co-founder Kevin Johnson in a statement.

“This is an exciting opportunity for Beacon News to grow and help shape the future of our state’s media, as Beacon is already at the forefront of news and news content creation in Alaska.”

The Beacon News team is excited to be a part of Beacon News and are excited to build on Beacon’s successful record of developing, investing and marketing innovative digital news content for the digital age,” Johnson added.

Beacon’s plans for Beacon Media will include a broad portfolio of local news outlets and online platforms, as well as partnerships with a variety and local media groups. 

Beacon News will be the state newspaper of Alaska. 

The Beacon will have a full complement of local journalism and online content, including news and current affairs articles, local news, local business and local entertainment.

The Beacon will also offer local news content, news and entertainment, local sports, local community and education, local and regional affairs, and local government content.

Beacon news will continue on-air reporting, video and interactive storytelling, news analysis and local business news.

The goal of Beacon’s ownership is to provide a strong, well-connected local news and local content platform that will complement the existing news services Beacon has established in the past.”

Beacon Media is currently under development and will debut in early 2019.”

We’re excited to join the Beacon family of news organizations as we continue to grow Beacon into a leader in local news.”

Beacon Media is currently under development and will debut in early 2019.