Why is the US media covering so many of Donald Trump’s tweets?

In a time of intense partisan debate, it seems as though there is little appetite for a more balanced and balanced coverage of political issues in the United States, and that is largely due to the presence of media conglomerate, American public media. 

While many news outlets, including many that cover US politics, have been vocal in their criticism of President Trump, some, such as The New York Times, have chosen to focus their coverage on his Twitter feeds, which are filled with a barrage of anti-establishment rhetoric and anti-Muslim rhetoric that is far from the mainstream. 

Many mainstream US news outlets have also chosen to ignore the many positive messages that Trump has been sending over the past year, which have included encouraging Americans to “come together” and “get together”, as well as his commitment to building bridges with Indigenous communities and Muslims, and his promise to tackle climate change.

 But as the US election approaches and more Americans begin to think about how to vote for the next President, the mainstream media has been quick to focus on the president’s tweets, often with a certain degree of bias, and the negative commentary that they have received, from the likes of New York’s own NYT, which published an op-ed on November 6, 2016 titled Donald Trump’s Dangerous Presidency: “He’s Not a F****** President”. 

In a piece entitled “Donald Trump: The Dangerous Presidency”, the Times noted that the president had received criticism for his tweets during the election season.

“He is widely viewed as erratic, unpredictable and dangerous,” the piece stated, adding that, “His temperament is as unpredictable as he is unpredictable.

Trump is not an ally of democratic institutions.”

He is widely seen as a dangerous political force.” “

The president’s volatile and divisive rhetoric has left the party divided over its role in governing.

He is widely seen as a dangerous political force.” 

In an article titled Trump’s Dangerous White House: The Latest Trump Tweeting from the NYT, titled America’s media coverage of Trump: How do we know that he’s not a F***** president?, the paper noted that “there is considerable concern in the media that he is too volatile, too unpredictable, too volatile and too volatile for Americans to trust.”

“Trump is a political and personal outsider with little experience in the Oval Office,” the article concluded, stating that, “the president has alienated many members of his own party.” 

The editorial continued by noting that Trump had tweeted “I am running for president because I want to be president of all Americans, and I will be the most transparent person you’ve ever met,” and “I will bring back our jobs, get rid of the rigged economy, bring back the steel industry, and rebuild our military.” 

And it added that,  “I have no doubt that Trump will win.

And the American people will have their say.”

In a statement, a spokesperson for the Times said that the article was “misleading and wrong.”

“We have been writing about Donald Trump for years, and we have always reported the truth about his tweets,” the spokesperson said.

“In fact, he is not a candidate for president.

He has never been, and never will be a candidate.” 

However, in a subsequent statement, the Times’ editor-in-chief, Dean Baquet, admitted that the piece was “totally inaccurate and misleading.”

“It was the wrong headline and the wrong column,” Baquet said. 

“It’s also entirely wrong that the media has not addressed the role of the White House press corps in this debate. 

We are focused on the President and his agenda, which is what the American public wants. 

The Times editorial board has always focused on what is best for the country and its journalists, not the media.”

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Image credit: The Irish Telegraph