A list of the most popular things you can buy with a smartwatch

Wired article With a new version of Google Glass and a new generation of Android Wear devices, you’ve probably been on the hunt for a smart watch that meets your needs.

We’ve rounded up the top items to get you started, and we’ve also rounded up some great accessories to help you get started.

The biggest change between the first version of Glass and the latest versions of Android wearables is that they’re built to work on all Android Wear watches.

That means if you want to watch your notifications, calendar, and messages while using your smartwatch, you need to get up and running on a device that supports Android Wear.

Google Glass and Android Wear are designed to work with a number of different watches and wearables, but here’s a list of all the compatible devices we recommend for use with Google Glass:The best Android Wear watch for use on GlassThe best smartwatch for use in GlassThe Android Wear device that works best on Google GlassThe most popular Android Wear Android Wear smartwatchThe most reliable Android Wear SmartwatchThe best Bluetooth Smart watch for wearablesThe best GPS watch for Android WearAndroid Wear devices that work best with GoogleGlassIf you’re just starting out, here’s how to get started with Android Wear on Glass.

Here’s how you can use Android Wear in Glass:You can also use Android on Glass, but there are a few limitations.

Android is only compatible with a small number of watches.

Wearable devices that don’t work with Google’s Android Wear platform (such as Pebble smartwatches and Samsung Gear smartwear) can’t run Android Wear apps.

Google Glass apps can only run on devices with Android 4.2 or higher, which means you won’t be able to use Android apps on the Glass hardware.

You can still use Google Glass with Android apps, but you’ll have to install them manually.

The best way to get Google Glass on Glass is to install the Glass OS on a smartwatcher that supports Glass.

The best way is to buy an Android Wear phone with Glass, then connect it to your Google Glass device with Bluetooth.

You should also check out the recommended Android Wear accessories for your smartwater.

The most common Android Wear wearable apps are the following: