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By John DvorakPosted November 15, 2016 11:01:56Horizon Media, which is owned by the media giant Advance Publications, has announced it is buying a controlling stake in Vox Media, the news and opinion website that has gained popularity over the last several years as an alternative to traditional news organizations.

The deal was announced on Thursday in an email to subscribers, who were notified via Twitter by Vox’s Twitter account.

The company has said it intends to use the purchase to expand its media empire, which has more than 400 employees.

The purchase, which was made in August, will result in a controlling interest in Vox and the news outlet.

Horizon is a privately held company and owns a controlling majority of the newspaper business in Massachusetts.

In the 2016 election, Horizon Media and Advance Publications donated $1.1 million to the campaigns of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton, according to filings.

Horizons news operations, which include Vox’s content, have expanded dramatically over the past two years.

It has recently expanded its coverage of the presidential election, and has recently published an article on the state of Donald Trump’s mental health.

It also recently published a special edition of the Washington Post devoted to the issues surrounding mental health, including the topic of gun violence.

Horizons latest acquisition, the Washington Examiner, has a circulation of less than 100,000.

The newspaper has long focused on breaking stories about local politics and policy.

The publication is also one of Vox’s most-read sites.

The acquisition comes at a time when news organizations are struggling to compete with digital outlets.

Many newspapers are also struggling to adapt to the shifting ways news is delivered.