Why the Dallas Stars have been so bad on social media

The Dallas Stars, in particular, have been one of the worst offenders on social networking sites when it comes to the use of social media.

On Saturday, the Dallas Morning News reported that the Stars were one of only three teams that had not used a single social media platform to promote their games this season.

There were a few notable exceptions, however.

The New York Islanders had their own social media account that was heavily used during the playoffs, and the San Jose Sharks had their Instagram account that garnered some attention during the Stanley Cup Final.

The Stars have a similar problem on the ice, too.

The team has only managed to use its Twitter account for a handful of times this season, most recently in November.

The Stars have not used the account since the start of the NHL lockout, and even then, they were only able to tweet out a handful on Saturday.

The team’s social media accounts have been the primary battleground for the Stars in their battle to get better on the social media front, and their inability to find a strategy to combat the issue has been a major concern for fans.

When the Stars first announced their decision to not use Twitter, many believed that it was the end of the matter.

However, that is not the case.

The Dallas Morning Report reported that Stars president and GM Jim Nill has been using social media for the team in a variety of different ways this season and that the team is now planning to use it again in the future.

Nill did not specifically address Twitter or Facebook during the team’s media day on Saturday, but he did speak about how the team will continue to use Twitter and Facebook as a communication tool.

Nell said he expects the team to use social media more in the coming weeks.

“Twitter and Facebook are the tools that are going to continue to be our tool to communicate,” he said.

“So we will continue using those tools.”

The Stars did not have a social media team in place when the lockout began.

While Nill is trying to figure out how the Stars can improve their social media strategy in the wake of their lack of success on social, there is still hope that the organization will find a way to utilize the new technology.

The plan is to use the new tools in tandem with other communication channels to make sure that the social communication aspect of the team can continue to thrive.