Which social media sites will be blocked by the Australian Government?

Posted November 20, 2020 12:20:14The Federal Government’s blackout of some social media websites is likely to include the internet search engine Google, the search advertising business AdWords and the advertising software AdSense.

The Federal Communications Minister, Mitch Fifield, told parliament last week that the blackout would be temporary but that it was “an extremely significant step”.

“We have already made a significant investment in broadband to deliver the best possible broadband experience for Australians,” he said.

The Government is already restricting access to the internet to some services, including the National Broadband Network and the NBN.

Mr Fifield also announced a new set of measures aimed at ensuring that people can still access social media for the purpose of meeting people.

“The Government will work with the industry to ensure that people who are using the internet in a social media environment can access the social media community,” he told parliament.