Why it’s so important to filter media for the next election

A lot of people are asking why they need to filter out anything related to the upcoming election, especially when so much of the news comes from social media.

But a lot of other media companies are doing the same thing.

In fact, some of them are even offering tools to help filter out news.

In this episode, Recode’s Kara Swisher answers those questions and more.

Part 1: How do you filter out fake news?

The next time you see something fake on Facebook or Twitter, don’t click on it.

If you click on the link, you’re going to be redirected to a page that looks like it belongs to CNN.

And if you click through the “Like” button, you won’t get the fake news.

The same is true for Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

The social media companies say that this happens because some of the links they’re sending you are fake news sites.

If the links are legit, you’ll get to the actual content of the story, and you won, in fact, get to watch the full video of the event.

It’s true.

But what if you clicked on something you weren’t supposed to?

Or if you did the right thing and went to the site where you were supposed to click on, and instead clicked on a link that’s not real?

What if that link wasn’t the one you wanted?

What happens if you try to filter it out yourself?

Here’s how to do it.

Start with a filter app like Facebook or Google’s “Trending Topics” tool.

It’s the default Facebook app, and it’s free.

It doesn’t require you to be a paid Facebook or Facebook-affiliated person.

You just have to select “Trended Topics” and it will show you the news that’s trending.

After you’ve done that, you can go ahead and try to find any other news stories that you want to see, either through Facebook or your news feed.

The news will be filtered out, and only the top stories will show up in the newsfeed.

But you can also manually remove some of your news stories from the news feed, too.

You can do that through your news settings.

Go to the News tab.

There, you should see “Filter News by Feed.”

Under “Filter Trending Topics,” you can select the trending topics that you’d like to see automatically filtered out.

And, if you’re using a Facebook-powered news app, you could also set your news app to show you only the trending stories that are most important.

Then, if your news feeds are really crowded with fake news, you may want to use some of these tools to filter your news.

But you can’t do this automatically.

You have to click through to each news item in order to see the real thing.

You should be able to do this by typing your feed name into the search box in the News settings.

But be sure to use your own filter settings to choose which stories you want your newsfeed to show.