Who are the most valuable social media influencers in the world?

Most people are aware that the internet is full of talented and passionate creators who are working their way up the social ladder.

But it’s worth taking a look at who’s been able to carve out a unique niche in the industry over the past decade or so.

And what’s the most notable talent that’s gotten them there?

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that only people who are in it for the money, that they’re self-employed.

But what about those who work in tech, tech jobs, or media jobs?

They have an incredible amount of potential to make a name for themselves and have the potential to get paid very well.

Here are the top 25 most valuable influencers who have made a name in the social media industry.


Justin BieberJustin Bieber is an extremely popular social media personality, and for good reason.

He’s one of the most influential figures in the music industry and has had a tremendous impact on the growth of the business.

He also has the best Twitter following and has amassed an incredible following across the world.

In 2018, he made $2.1 billion, according to Forbes, which is a staggering amount of money for a young musician who only started releasing music in 2015.

But the star is no slouch when it comes to making money, either.

In 2018, Bieber earned $4 million for the year, according the Associated Press.

In 2017, he earned $2 million.

His Twitter following was estimated at nearly 22 million, according The Guardian.

He even landed a gig on the Oprah Winfrey Show to promote his new music video for “Love Yourself.”


Mark ZuckerbergMark Zuckerberg has always been a social media star.

The billionaire CEO of Facebook and one of his most prolific users, Zuckerberg has become a key figure in the growth and success of the online media industry and is the most prolific social media user of all time.

The social media mogul earned $9 million in 2018, according ToTheWeb, and that was for the entire year, which made him the highest paid individual on the list.

His followers have grown by more than 8,000% over the last 10 years.

He is currently on track to surpass Bill Gates as the most popular individual on Twitter, according Forbes.


James Cameron James Cameron has been a key player in the rise of social media and digital media since the early 2000s, when he founded Universal Pictures and Disney.

He continues to play a key role in the success of many of the digital platforms that he has helped create.

In the early years of social networking, Cameron had a relatively small following, but in 2016, he became the most-followed person in the country, according Buzzfeed.

He has more followers than anyone else in the United States and around the world, according Business Insider.

His account has over 1.5 billion followers and he’s also the most well-known social media celebrity in the U.S., according to Twitter.

Cameron is also the co-founder of the Maker Studios studio and has a large following on social media, with his own studio, Maker Studios.

His personal brand has grown to include several brands, including a line of digital content.


Bill GatesThe co-founders of Microsoft, Bill Gates is the leader of the technology industry and one the most famous figures in his field.

He established the Microsoft brand in 1975 and has become the most recognized person in Microsoft history, according CNBC.

He earned a total of $10.6 billion in 2018.


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Facebook has had some of the biggest social media successes in recent years.

Facebook is known for its innovative user interface, popular apps and its use of artificial intelligence and artificial intelligence bots to understand users.

Zuckerberg has led the company into the digital age and is responsible for the social networking giant’s growth in popularity.

In 2017, Facebook earned $5.6 million, which was $1 million more than the previous year.

He took home $2 billion for the full year, and has more than one billion monthly active users, according Polygon.


Stephen ColbertStephen Colbert has been the host of the Late Show for years and is a constant presence on the television network.

In fact, the Late Night host has made more money than any other person in history.

He started his own entertainment company in 2009, Colbert Enterprises, and is currently one of Fox’s most recognizable figures.

The late night host earned a combined total of more than $2,856 million, Forbes reported.


Tom CruiseTom Cruise is one of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

He rose to fame as the star of the cult classic Cruise, and his movies have made millions.

Cruise earned a staggering $10 million in 2017, according Fox News.

He remains one of top earners in the entertainment industry.


David PetraeusDavid Petraeus is a highly-respected military officer who is best known