When a new media business takes root, the biggest questions it raises are answered

New Media planning is one of the key areas that new business ventures need to get right.

And it’s the most important to the future of the industry, says new media expert Peter D’Orazio.

He’s an assistant professor at the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Melbourne and is a former member of the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

“New media is one that’s growing in importance because it’s now an essential component of the digital landscape.

This is where the Internet has made digital innovation so much easier.

But the problem is the business models that people are starting to use are very different to the traditional model.

If you start thinking of an entrepreneur or an entrepreneur-type model that’s really the first thing you think of is media.”

What do you do?

You do a traditional news or entertainment business.

“Peter D’Orzio is a new business consultant and an Associate Fellow at the ABC Centre for New Media and Communication.

The ABC’s Media Planner: Why it matters to you.

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