Trump ‘may not’ endorse Romney for VP, Biden adviser says

In a tweet Saturday morning, President Donald Trump’s longtime political adviser and senior strategist, Roger Stone, said the president may not endorse Romney and that Biden would “make the most of his opportunity.”

“The VP’s going to make the most out of his chance to make history as the first African-American to serve as the President of the United States, and his vice president, who has the best chance of winning the nomination,” Stone wrote.

“The choice is between Romney and Biden, but they both have a shot to win.

Biden is more experienced, more well-respected, and a proven winner in national elections, so if he can win, I think that’s the only choice that will make the VP’s life easier.”

Stone, who was a Trump surrogate during the presidential campaign, also warned that Trump may not be “the most experienced” VP candidate.

“If the VP candidate gets a majority of the delegates, the VP is likely to win,” Stone said.

“But he may not have the experience to do it.”

Biden’s campaign manager, Joe Trippi, echoed Stone’s warning.

“I think that in the short term, President Trump may be less qualified to be Vice President than he is for the position of President,” Trippis statement said.

“We will continue to work with President Trump and the Vice President to make sure that the people who are in charge of the ticket are fully informed about who will be in the Oval Office.

I am confident that this process will work as we are confident that President Trump is fully capable of carrying out his duties.”

Bevin’s campaign and the Republican National Committee have said they will seek a third vice presidential candidate and are waiting to see how Trump responds to Stone’s tweet.

On Friday, Trump said that he “might” run for president, but added that he did not think he would win and that “I’m not a candidate, I’m not interested in running for anything.”

Trump has also been criticized for not endorsing Romney, despite a strong endorsement from the former Massachusetts governor.