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In an effort to build a more cohesive platform for video content, the group nine Media has partnered with the media giant Netflix.

According to a tweet by group nine’s cofounder, the company has granted the group 9 Media permission to “distribute content directly to Netflix users via the ‘Group 9 Media’ app,” which was created to allow users to browse content across various social networks. 

The move marks a change for Netflix, which has previously only allowed users to watch movies and TV shows on its website.

The move to allow content directly from Netflix is a departure from earlier attempts to offer users content directly on the streaming service. 

According to the group’s Twitter account, Netflix has “allowed us to share content across its many platforms, including our new mobile app.”

The group nine tweet also stated that “the group 9 app will be available to everyone in the US and Canada, with access to the full library of Netflix’s video content available to all other countries in the world. 

In a blog post earlier this week, the Netflix CEO noted that the group has been “delivering videos and photos directly to our users” for a few years, adding that the company is committed to continuing to grow and “building out new partnerships and content to serve the needs of our customers.”