Why is social media trending?

Posted June 27, 2018 11:31:28While the media landscape has changed in recent years, it’s still mostly news-focused.

But how do we know what’s trending?

And how do the most popular media sites know what to cover?

Here are some answers to those questions.

What does the average person spend time on social media?

A typical user spends between three and four hours per day on social networking sites, according to a survey from the research company IAB.

The median user spends about three hours per week on social networks.

(The IAB survey was done on June 27 and 28.)

The average time someone spends on social is 11 hours per month, according the survey, which is up from 9 hours per year ago.

But social media isn’t all news.

The vast majority of the time, people are active on the sites of their choice.

The majority of people who are active social media users spend more time on other sites than they do on news.

(Most news sites are hosted on mobile platforms.)

About 50% of people are on sites that have been published, while another 20% of users spend some of their time on the platforms of their choosing.

But the sites they are on tend to be older.

The most popular sites in the millennial generation (aged 18 to 24) are Facebook (21%), Twitter (14%), Pinterest (13%), Instagram (12%), LinkedIn (10%), Pinterest.com (8%) and Snapchat (7%).

Social media sites tend to focus more on the latest news and entertainment.

But it’s not all about the news.

People on social platforms also have a range of interests.

People tend to follow a handful of people in their networks.

People who follow more than a few people are more likely to be on a certain topic, such as sports, fashion or fashion accessories, or have a specific style or hobby.

The survey also found that people who follow a number of people tend to have a lower average number of followers.

For example, a person who follows a few dozen people on Facebook has about 5,000 followers, whereas a person with fewer than a thousand followers has about 6,500.

People have also become more connected in recent months.

People have become more likely over the last year to connect online and have greater reach online, according with a study by marketing research firm Ipsos, which surveyed more than 200,000 adults.

Social media is a big part of social life in Canada, but it is not the only medium for people to connect.

The survey found that about 25% of Canadians are active users of Facebook, which accounts for about one in three Canadians online.

People can also find other ways to connect through a variety of platforms.

For example, people can use a mobile device to share content with friends and family, or they can search for and post content.