Donut media: How the world’s first donut-shaped cake became the internet’s first viral hit

A photo-sharing app for donuts that has been making its way around the internet for months has become the world champion of viral content.

Key points:Users have been uploading videos of themselves eating donuts to social media for more than a year, with a video of one user posting a photo of herself eating a donut becoming a hit over the past monthThe app has received more than 15 million views on YouTubeThe app, Donut Media, has become a household name in the US and Canada thanks to the video it has uploaded of a donuts being eaten.

It was uploaded on Monday and has now amassed more than 150 million views in less than a month.

The photo was posted to social networking site Instagram, and then shared across multiple platforms, including YouTube and Snapchat.

The video, taken by a user who goes by the name Doreen, shows the woman in the picture eating a chocolate donut, with the caption “Just had a donute for the first time.”

Donut Media founder Matt Kibby said his app had become popular for the number of videos uploaded to social networks and was receiving more than 1 million hits per day.

“People are using it to share the joy of sharing the donut experience and we’re really excited to see what happens next,” he said.

“The more people watch, the more it gets noticed.”

It’s a really fun experience to make a video with your friends and people watching it will love it, too.

“The app is not just a way to get a bite of the pie, but also a way for users to share videos with friends.”

There’s nothing like the real donut on the menu, the donuts are so unique,” Mr Kibb said.

Mr Kibbys team also worked with other popular social media companies such as Snapchat and Facebook to help the company get its app in front of the world.”

We have been very lucky and very supportive of the community, the support from social media and from the advertising we’ve received is just incredible,” Mr Gribben said.