Trump campaign plans to invest $3 million in new media companies after $3 billion deal

The president-elect’s transition team announced Tuesday that it would buy media companies in a bid to boost the president’s message on social media.

The announcement comes after the campaign spent nearly $3.5 billion on television advertising during the election cycle.

“We are committed to supporting and expanding the robust media ecosystem to help create a better, more informed citizenry,” said the transition team, which was founded by former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.

The purchase is the first of several acquisitions that the president-eleven campaign will make over the next few weeks as part of the efforts to build his infrastructure for the presidency.

While there are several media companies that will be part of Trump’s campaign, he’s looking to expand its reach to the wider media landscape, said spokesman Eric Walker.

“The President-elect has been a strong supporter of free and open discourse on the internet, and he believes the media has a critical role to play in providing accurate information and connecting with the American public,” Walker said.

“He has made clear his intention to hire a new team of advisors and has made it clear that he plans to create a media empire that will help him deliver his vision to the American people.”

The purchase will be one of several Trump-owned media companies the president will be pursuing as part a broader push to build out his communications apparatus, including a deal to acquire the cable news network CNBC.

The deal will be a significant boost to the president of CNBC, who has long been viewed as a leading contender for the top job in the White House.

The new deal, however, is likely to be overshadowed by the ongoing probe into Trump’s dealings with Russia.

The president, a former reality TV star, was investigated for potential collusion with Russia in the 2016 election.