How to Stop The ‘Crazy’ Social Media Trolls

The worst of the internet’s troll armies have arrived in Iowa.

They’re coming for the Bernie Sanders supporters.

The Iowa caucuses are a crucial milestone for the Democratic frontrunner, who is now polling at around 10% in Iowa and is riding high in polls of the state.

But Sanders is under attack from the trolls.

The latest tactic is a new website called, which uses a combination of social media and Facebook ads to try to discredit Sanders’ campaign.

The website features an image of a smiling Sanders smiling in a bar with a giant poster that proclaims, “We are Bernie Sanders.”

The image is accompanied by a banner that reads, “Donald Trump Is Running As Your Candidate.”

The poster is accompanied with a picture of a Trump campaign worker holding up a sign reading, “Trump is a racist and sexist.”

The website also features a banner reading, “(Sanders) Is Trying To Make You Look Like A Bully.”

A Twitter user using the handle @carlsonwatson posted a tweet to @parlersocial media calling Sanders a liar.

“@carlssaunders Bernie Sanders is a liar,” he wrote.

“You can’t have it both ways.”

Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver responded to the tweet with a statement that Sanders is the candidate of the American people.

“As a lifelong Democrat, I think we have to have an open dialogue about all issues, including the important issues of race and justice,” Weaver wrote.

The Sanders campaign has been criticized by many for its social media tactics, which it has defended as an important part of their strategy.

“We have seen, and will continue to see, the rise of social trolls, who are trying to undermine the democratic process,” Sanders campaign chairman Jeff Weaver said.

“They do not represent the people of Iowa, and we will not allow that to happen.”

Sanders supporters have been critical of the website, which has attracted over 20,000 followers in the last two weeks.

One Twitter user who has called himself #BernieIsCrazy posted a meme saying, “Bernie Sanders is trying to make you look like a bully.

He’s a racist.”

“The Sanders campaign is the most corrupt campaign I’ve ever seen in my life, with one of the worst campaigns in the history of the country,” the user, @chrislmatthew, wrote.

Sanders has been targeted by the trolls before.

His campaign manager, Scott Brown, has been suspended from Twitter for an “inappropriate use of social networks,” according to the company.

Sanders is in a virtual tie with his closest rival, former Maryland Gov.

Martin O’Malley, in the Iowa polls, according to a Real Clear Politics average of recent polls.

O’Malleys campaign has also been targeted.

The Real Clear News average shows Sanders is at 9.7%, according to Real ClearPolitics.