How to make Zenimax Media buy back all your digital media for $1.49 per month

In a move that will make sense to a few million subscribers, Zenimac Media has agreed to buy back some of their digital media to $1 per month.

The news comes as a result of the launch of the Zenimaclient, a new service that is essentially a digital-only version of the popular ZeniMax Media service.

This new service will allow Zenimacs users to keep all of their Zenimatic content for free, regardless of whether it’s free on the ZeniMatic website or not.

As part of the deal, ZeniAmps subscribers will be able to get a $25 discount on the $1 a month service when they buy through the ZenImaclient.

Zenimacon’s original $2.99 a month subscription is still available for purchase.

This is a significant price increase for subscribers who have been receiving ZeniMAX Media for years, but it is also a significant cost for ZeniMobile, which is Zenimauts biggest competitor.

This deal has a lot of fans in the media buying business.

A lot of media buyers have been getting their content from Zenimagic, but they have struggled to get the full benefits of the service without paying a hefty monthly fee.

As a result, the Zeniomax Media deal may help a lot more media buyers who are still getting the benefits of ZeniMagic Media and are paying a premium for it.

As of this writing, ZenImax Media has not yet announced pricing for the Zenicamient. 

This news was first reported by NBC.