Fire and Rescue crews deal with ‘severe heat’ at home in South Australia

A fire has destroyed at least five homes in the state’s north-west.

Key points:A fire in the town of Rydalmere destroyed five homes and sent flames roaring through an alleywayCommunity leaders are concerned about the possibility of the heatwave continuingCommunity leaders in Rydalsmere, in South Australian’s North West, are worried about the heat in the region ahead of the weekend heatwave.

Key Points:The blaze broke out on the weekend at around 11.30pm on Monday nightResidents were staying in their homes when it startedThe blaze was extinguished within 10 minutesThe blaze destroyed five houses and sent a massive plume of smoke through an east-facing alleywayResidents in Roodley, in the north-western part of the state, were left without heat on Monday.

“I thought I had been woken up by the fire alarms, I could see smoke from the street and my neighbour was calling out the fire alarm,” said neighbour James Kavanagh.

“Then the fire brigade arrived and they had to put out the flames.”

It’s pretty difficult to see, the street is charred black and there’s a lot of smoke in the street, it’s very difficult to get a good look at it.

“Mr Kavanah said he could see the blaze from his home and had not heard any firefighting activity.”

When we heard the fire, I thought, ‘this is the end of the world’, but the fire had burnt through the roof of the house and then it started burning straight through the front door, straight through,” he said.”

You can hear the smoke billowing through the whole building.

“Neighbour Jamie Smith said it was the worst he had seen in years.”

The street was a bit of a mess, but that’s what happens when you have fire and you don’t have water or electricity,” he told ABC Rural.”

There’s no electricity, you can’t cook a meal, and you can hear it all day long.

“The state’s fire and rescue services were forced to put a stop to the blaze and called in fire crews to put it out.”

We had some serious heat issues in the area this week,” Queensland Fire and Emergency Service said.

The blaze started in the alleyway of a house on the corner of Westridge and South Rood.

Firefighters were unable to put the blaze out until late on Monday, but had managed to get water and a generator online.

Residents were warned that the area was hot and that there was the potential of more fire danger.”

This was a significant fire, and it has now burnt through a house and caused significant damage,” the Queensland Fire Authority said.

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