When is the last time you’ve heard the term ‘disappearance’?

Fox Sports has been doing a series of videos about the disappearance of two of the most famous athletes in the history of sports.

But it has been hard to find an explanation for what is so special about those videos.

In fact, a look through the videos reveals something much more profound.

“The last time we talked about that topic was when I posted a video on Facebook in February,” Chris Fox, who is in charge of the Horizon Sports network, told Business Insider.

The video was titled, “When is the first time you heard the word ‘disapearance?'”

Fox explained that the idea of a “disappeared” player was first proposed to him during a training camp with the Boston Celtics.

Fox said that the team asked him to put together a video to explain why the word was so important to them.

“I remember asking them, ‘Well, how can you explain that?'”

Fox said.

“They said, ‘Because that’s the word that we use to describe what happened in the world when one of the players disappeared.

We can’t describe what that was like without that word.'”

Fox told BusinessInsider.com that the video’s title, “The first time I heard the name ‘disaper’ from our players was on a Celtics training camp in the summer of 2015,” came from a teammate’s “backpack,” as opposed to a physical injury.

In a video from the same year, the Celtics’ Marcus Smart told a group of young players that the word “disaper” came from “the word that they heard in their backpacks.”

“That was my understanding of the word at that time,” Fox said, adding that the words “disap” and “disaster” are common in sports.

Fox and others were quick to point out that “disapear” was not in any of the player’s locker rooms.

But the players’ teammates and the Celtics didn’t really want to give up the idea that they were using the word to describe something.

“There was a lot of speculation, and people thought we were trying to cover something up,” Fox explained.

“We were trying not to let it get out there.

It was an ongoing process of trying to figure out what was going on.

But at the end of the day, it was just a name.”

A lot of things changed over the years Fox said there is a lot to like about the word, and that the players, coaches and fans have a “responsibility” to understand it.

“It’s a really good word,” Fox added.

“A lot of people, they think it’s a little hard to use because it’s not really a common word.

But once you understand it, it’s just like any other word, it can be used with any situation.”

The word “Disapart” has been used in other sports over the last century, but it’s never been as frequently used in sports as “disarm.”

In the late 1940s, the Boston Braves used the term to describe the way they beat the Philadelphia Athletics in the World Series.

The word has been a common topic of conversation for more than two decades, but in the case of the Boston-based basketball team, it has become a very common term for the media.

In 2011, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution used the word in an article titled, ‘Why the Hawks should never stop using Disapart to describe their offense.’

A similar article from last year also used the phrase to describe Atlanta’s defensive play.

And this past season, the team also used it as an explanation as to why their defense was working.

“As far as I’m concerned, Disaparty was an important word,” James Posey, who played for the Boston Bruins for eight seasons, told the Atlanta-Journal Constitution.

“But I think we all have to use it in a certain way.”