How a new media startup is redefining digital media in Salem Media Group’s new home –

The Salem Media Guild is looking to expand into the digital world.

It’s working with a local start-up called Salem Media Media Group to build a mobile-first, mobile-focused media company with a focus on local news.

In a video released Monday, the guild’s CEO said the company aims to create a “platform for local media to reach audiences around the globe” with a new site that would focus on Salem Media.

The company is also looking to tap into the local arts community, which has grown in recent years.

The video showed the guild building a new website for Salem Media, with the Salem Media logo.

The new website will have a more digital look and more emphasis on local journalism.

A press release about the site said it is “designed to provide a platform for local news to reach its audiences in Salem, Oregon.”

The guild also plans to tap the arts community to build its own digital platform for Salem-area news.

It said the site will include a news section focused on local arts and culture, as well as an interactive news gallery.

It will be available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

The guild will be looking for a “very experienced and well-qualified professional” to lead the company.

It added that it is looking for someone who will work closely with the guild in building the new company, and for a new “digital media platform.”

The announcement comes as a new digital media industry continues to boom in Salem.

The Guild is currently one of four regional digital media guilds in Oregon.

The other two are in Bend, Oregon, and Eugene, Oregon.

Both of those guilds are based in the city of Salem.