What is a Media Matters?

Posted February 20, 2019 05:19:31I’ve been reading a lot of coverage lately about the “media” in the Trump administration.

The term “media,” I’m sure, has a certain connotation of partisan, anti-Democratic, and/or anti-free speech.

But what I’m seeing is that the term “Media Matters” is not the same thing as a conservative organization.

It is not even a conservative advocacy group.

Rather, Media Matters is an organization with a mission to “ensure the American people have access to unbiased and trustworthy information about the media and its impact on public policy.”

This is the same organization that the Justice Department announced would “take legal action against the New York Times for allegedly defaming President Trump.”

The Justice Department’s lawsuit against the Times was just one of several legal actions against the paper.

On February 20th, the Justice Office of the Special Counsel announced it had filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against Media Matters in an attempt to obtain “all records pertaining to the operation of Media Matters and the publications that it publishes, as well as any communications between Media Matters employees and the media, and any documents related to its operations.”

The Office of Special Counsel also announced it would seek documents relating to Media Matters “activities” such as “press conferences, editorials, and interviews,” and “any communications between [Media Matters employees] and the press.”

The Trump administration has also been trying to discredit Media Matters, claiming that it is “anti-Trump” and “anti-“Republican.

“The administration has accused the group of “distorting” or “misrepresenting” facts and “misleading” the public about its activities.”

These articles falsely asserted that there is no evidence of a conspiracy to kill American citizens.” “

In the past two years, Media Works has published several articles that falsely stated that the Obama Administration ordered the destruction of documents related, in part, to the Clinton email investigation.

These articles falsely asserted that there is no evidence of a conspiracy to kill American citizens.”

The Justice Dept’s statement goes on to describe the organization as “anti–Trump.”

But that’s not all that Media Matters has been accused of.

In June 2018, a lawsuit was filed against Media Works alleging that the organization “fraudulently misrepresented its relationship with the Republican National Committee and other Trump political groups,” according to a complaint filed in federal court in San Francisco.

Media Matters denied any involvement with the RNC, but the complaint states that Media Works “failed to inform the public of its false representations about its relationship and influence with the Clinton campaign.”

A spokesperson for Media Matters said in an email to The Daily Beast that the group “does not and will not engage in defamation, false advertising, or otherwise defamatory conduct.”

In addition to its legal troubles, the group has been embroiled in controversy for its stance on the Iran nuclear deal.

In April 2018, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) announced it was filing a lawsuit against “MediaWorks, a right-wing media organization” for its false claims that Iran “is engaged in covert, overt, and illegal activities to develop nuclear weapons.”

In a statement, the ADL said the lawsuit was “an effort to bring the ADLA’s long-standing campaign against right-to-work to the forefront of the national discourse.”

The ADL claimed that MediaWorks “promotes false and inflammatory rhetoric that is used to demonize and undermine working-class Americans,” and that Mediaworks “has been involved in numerous right-Wing conspiracy theories.”

The lawsuit also claimed that the ADLS “has a history of investigating right- wing extremists for alleged illegal activity.”

The ADL, the complaint said, “has previously accused MediaWorks of publishing false and misleading reports about the National Socialist Movement, but MediaWorks’ reports on the National Socialists are false and inaccurate.”

The same month as the lawsuit, MediaWorks announced it has “announced an immediate, unprecedented, multi-year strategy to combat right- Wing extremist activities.”

The announcement came as the ADLP reported that “an anonymous source told us MediaWorks is investigating a number of right-Winger operatives for their alleged criminal activity.”

In April 2018 the ADLO reported that MediaGaps, a “right-wing activist blog,” was “under investigation for alleged violations of ADL policies and anti-Semitism.”

The group, the Daily Beast reported, “says that the AntiDefamation Coalition is considering a civil lawsuit against it over its ‘false, inaccurate, and defamatorial’ reporting on the Jewish State.”

In July 2018, Mediaworks issued a press statement accusing “conservative media” of being “part of a larger conspiracy to spread hate, anti–Jewish propaganda, and to undermine the First Amendment rights of Americans.”

The statement also said the “right to freedom