‘The Last Man’ has been renamed for one of the last remaining Indigenous Australians


— In a statement, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation has renaming the iconic rock band The Last Man to reflect the “one person who has shaped and shaped the country.”

“The Last Mann has become the last man who is still standing and whose voice has remained true to Australia,” the statement reads.

“We can only hope that this moment of reflection will serve as a reminder of the true power of a band like The Last Mann.”

The last band in the group was formed in 1890, when Australian writer William F. Campbell formed The Last Men.

The band’s frontman, Arthur James, died in 1936 and his widow, Dorothy, had to find a replacement singer, leading to the creation of the current band.

Arthur James had a stroke and died at the age of 79 in 1938, but Dorothy Campbell led the group for many years.

Dorothy Campbell is the daughter of Australian Prime Minister Arthur James Campbell and of former Prime Minister Bob Hawke, who also died in 1938.

In 2012, the group’s guitarist, Paul McArthur, died, leaving a legacy of a unique sound.

He was the first to write a song about his father’s death.

Another member of The Last Mans band, Peter Morrison, died of a heart attack in 2009.

David Bowie’s death in 2012 has reignited speculation that Bowie was still alive in the band, but the musician has never been heard by the group.

ABC News’ Lauren Koester contributed to this report.